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A new Haines: Changes announced at Summit

By: Morgan Bulman

Savannah, GA, Thursday, March 21, 2019– Haines no longer feels fragmented. Leadership and financial challenges once threatened the floor covering distributor’s stability, especially as its presence grew throughout the East Coast with a total of 13 acquisitions. Previously divided into north and south segments, only one Haines Loyalty Club Summit was held this year in March instead of two, sending a clear message to membership: Haines is one, whole company again.

Establishing a unified Haines required change. Less than a year after the company announced a new executive team, Hoy Lanning was officially brought back on as president and CEO. And, not long before that, Mike Johnson was added as vice president of product and marketing and recently appointed head of the Loyalty Club, in addition to Jon England being named chief sales and marketing officer. This new group is shaping a new vision and strategy for the company to follow. The main goal? Making Haines the best in customer service again.

“We have not been a stellar supplier these past few years,” Lanning admitted during the general session of the March 14 meeting. “We’re experiencing a culture shift — Haines got too corporate and away from being family-run and customer-driven … We’re having to make hard decisions, we’re making changes with our leaders and people, but we’re going back to our roots,” he added.

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